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Nestled in the heart of Brunswick, OH, and its neighboring realms, we at Pfann’s get it—your 18-wheeler isn’t just a massive hunk of metal on wheels; it’s your livelihood, and frankly, a pretty big deal for the economy too. So, here’s our pitch: round-the-clock, superhero-level emergency roadside assistance and maintenance magic, tailored just for the kings and queens of the highway—yeah, that’s you, truckers. Our mission? To keep your beast purring like a kitten, rolling smoothly, and locking in on those deadlines like a missile. Because let’s face it, when your truck’s humming along without a hiccup, life’s just a whole lot sweeter.

Comprehensive Roadside Assistance for 18-Wheelers


Imagine you’re cruising down the highway in your big rig, humming along to your favorite tunes, when suddenly, bam! Your truck decides it’s time to take an unexpected break. Now, in the world of trucking, this is more than just a minor hiccup—it’s a full-blown plot twist. But fear not, because there’s a superhero team ready to swoop in and save the day, and no, I’m not talking about those folks in capes. I’m talking about the elite roadside assistance squad, specializing in 18-wheeler mishaps and ready to roll 24/7.

First off, let’s talk tires. They’re like the unsung heroes of the highway, until they decide to give up on you. Whether it’s a sneaky puncture or a dramatic blowout, our tire repair and replacement service has got your back. With an arsenal of tires for all truck types, we’re like your personal pit crew, getting you back in the race in no time.

Then there’s the dreaded fuel gauge betrayal. You thought you could make it to the next station, but your truck had other plans. Enter our fuel delivery service, riding in like the cavalry with enough diesel to get you back on track. It’s like getting a refill without having to leave your seat—pretty slick, right?

And who hasn’t faced the ultimate nemesis—a dead battery? It’s the silent truck killer, but our battery jump-start service is the secret weapon you need, armed with the kind of heavy-duty gear that laughs in the face of battery woes.

Oh, and let’s not forget the classic facepalm moment—locking your keys in the truck. Our lockout service is like having a locksmith superhero on speed dial, rescuing you from the sidelines without so much as a scratch on your truck.

But what about when things get really technical? Mechanical failures are like the villains of trucking, complex and unpredictable. Our mechanical repair service is here with a team of mobile mechanics, wielding diagnostic tools like swords, ready to battle any engine dragons or transmission gremlins right where you stand—or, well, sit.

In the end, it’s all about getting you back on the road, because in the trucking world, time is money, adventure, and, let’s be honest, a bit of freedom too. So, next time your rig decides to throw a plot twist your way, remember, the roadside assistance league is just a call away, ready to turn your trucking tales back into smooth sailing—or, should I say, smooth driving.

At Pfann’s, we’re more than just a service provider; consider us your ally on the open road, committed to ensuring your truck operates optimally, safeguarding your safety, and keeping your business on the move. Place your trust in us to be your steadfast support, ready to assist you anytime, anywhere in Brook Park, OH.

24-Hour Emergency Road Service

Pfann’s experienced technicians are ready to get your heavy trucks-trailers, emergency vehicles,
and fleet vehicles back in operation, 24/7!

Ah, Brunswick, OH—a charming little slice of Americana where the grass is green, the coffee’s strong, and the people are, well, the kind of folks who actually wave hello. Picture this: a town so welcoming, even the squirrels have a friendly nod for you. Nestled snugly in the great state of Ohio, Brunswick is the kind of place where kids still ride bikes to the corner store, and the biggest traffic jam involves a parade float gone rogue on Main Street.

It’s a community where backyard BBQs are the social event of the season, and everyone’s invited—yes, even that quirky neighbor with the lawn gnome collection. In Brunswick, the high school football team is royalty, and Friday nights under those glaring lights are where legends are born, one touchdown at a time. The town might not be a sprawling metropolis, but what it lacks in size, it makes up for with heart, soul, and a dash of that unmistakable Midwestern charm. So, if you’re craving a spot where life moves just a tad slower, and the welcome mat’s always out, Brunswick’s got you covered. Just don’t forget to bring your appetite for community spirit and, of course, some of that world-class Ohio pie.

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